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Philosophy:We believe each child is unique and learns at his/her own pace. It is through play that the child organizes experiences and gives meaning to the world.  It is also through play that all the individual elements of the child  ~ social, emotional, cognitive and physical ~ work together.  Children learn through “hands-on” play, ultimately storing experiences on a sub- conscience level.  Children seem to recognize things more easily and certainly when they touch them rather than just see them.  We provide a variety of activities in areas such as math, science, art, daily living, dramatic play, music and movement, language, gross motor development and more.  These activities will help in the development of the whole child while he/she is developing at his/ her own individual level. Each child is regarded with respect and encouraged to respect the differences of others. 


MATH:  Activities in this area include counting, sorting, 1:1 correspondence and base ten number concepts.  The math area helps to develop fine motor skills, logical thinking and language development. It also helps with the development of concentration and coordination. 
SCIENCE:  We encourage children to observe, compare, experiment, invent, discover and wonder about physical objects and events.  This area helps to develop curiosity while making the learning experience especially enjoyable.  Through the use of a water table, children explore the properties of pouring, gravity, mixing mediums, weight, volume and the concept of sink and float.  This table can also be used for cornmeal, flour or shaving cream play.  This provides opportunities for tactile exploration.  It also helps in the development of fine motor skills, as well as creating the opportunity for dramatic play.  Science and nature classes are taught by the staff weekly.  

ART:  Art is a daily activity.  Children can express themselves creatively through different mediums.  Children explore textures while creating patterns, collages and more.  We will provide many different tools for art exploration.  For example, paint can be applied with brushes, feathers, sticks, strings, straws, q-tips, cookie cutters, etc.   

DAILY LIVING:  In this area, activities are set out that use materials and/or utensils that one might use throughout the course of a day.  Examples of these materials are ice trays, tweezers, cotton balls, spoons, beans, rice, cups, bowls and more.  The activities include pouring, scooping, spooning, sifting, etc.  These activities will help children begin to develop coordination and concentration as well as aid in the development of their fine motor skills. 

DRAMATIC PLAY:  We have a special area set up for dramatic play.  This area contains materials and props in which children can create any environment they choose. Dramatic play leads to narrative development while it also helps the child gain mastery over his/her own world.  It also helps the child in social development as children begin to create “worlds” together.  

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT:  During the Music and Movement circles, children use instruments in a spontaneous manner, to help them to develop an appreciation for sound, volume, tone, rhythm and tempo.  Other activities during this circle include dancing, musical games, creative movement, listening activities, physical development and more. We also offer optional Music, Creative Movement & Singing Circle classes, taught by Enrichment Teachers, who come to the school weekly. (These classes are held depending upon the enrollment.)
LANGUAGE:  Language permeates our classrooms as the children discover the names of objects or activities, as well as learn to communicate their feelings and needs with their teachers and classmates.  Activities in the language area include matching objects to pictures, spatial relationships, classification, opposites, sequencing, patterns, puzzles and initial sound boxes.  
GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT:  Outside, we have large and small climbing structures, bicycles, play house, sandbox and other activities which help in the development of the large motor skills, such as running, jumping, climbing and balancing.  
AND MORE:  Little Village Preschool school provides a “library” area, a play dough table, block area and classes in baking, foreign language, sign language, art & science. Currently, we are teaching Spanish and Chinese.

Play school franchisee


Activity Centre:We provide guidance, Training, education to children between 4 to 15 years at such kids activity centers. We run courses of Abacus, English Speaking and handwriting Improvement in those centers.
We offer you to accept our franchisee which is based on NO ROYALTY in this activity center business. You may open kids activity centre at your home or at any location where you feel it is possible for children to come and sit in classes and the place should be near to residential Colonies.

We provide you training for teaching those courses. The Company shall send a Training Team/ Trainer for training at your place. After training our coordination team will available online as well as on video chat process, if required. We have training modules for every chapter and the teacher study the training modules every day before taking a class.

We also provide you marketing tools to get more admissions in your Kids Activity Centre. We also provide you a certificate of authorized kids activity centre, we also provide certificate to your students who passing out of level.
As we don’t charge any royalty fees or Franchisee Fees, You may open multiple Branches or you may offer franchises further to your friends or relation for running a business with your Brand Name.

Spoken English:

Our Features

Spoken English has always been considered a key element of success. If a child does not have the ability to communicate well in school, with his teachers, with parents, in social functions or get-together and even in various aspects of his life; then it may get difficult for the child to succeed. We as parents do observe that in schools more priority is given to children who speak English well. Such children are selected for special activities like welcoming guests, addressing over an event, giving welcome speeches, speaking or making announcements and also to stand for elections. Children with poor spoken English always miss out of such opportunities and thus always stay behind. 



·      The ability to speak in English gives confidence in every walk of our life. The confidence matters a lot, which lead to success in life. Thus, Our Company has come up with a Course for teaching English to Children. The goal of this course is to make the students, Learn and speak English.

This course comes with two Modules which have been divided over age groups.

Module 1: Junior

Content of Kit: Kit shall contain 3 Learning Books (Combined), 3 Speaking Practice Books (Combined), 3 Worksheet Books (Combined), which shall be under your own brand name, 2 Story Books, 4 Audio Video CD’s and Set of 20 Flash Cards,

Teacher Training Module: Company shall provide a user id and password for teacher training module. After learning each module, teacher can appear a test, for which he/ she will get auto checked result in his/her email id. 

Module 2: Senior

Content of Kit: Kit shall contain 3 Learning Books (Combined), 3 Speaking Practice Books (Combined), 3 Worksheet Books (Combined), which shall be under your own brand name, 2 Story Books, 4 Audio Video CD’s and Set of 20 Flash Cards,

Teacher Training Module: Company shall provide a user id and password for teacher training module. After learning each module, teacher can appear a test, for which he/ she will get auto checked result in his/her email id.


·      Our Features

All franchises will have access to the Training portal and can download all required Abacus training materials. Along with the downloadable training materials, each student registering will be provided with all required study tools including books and abacus hardware.

  Our Abacus training materials are prepared by experts in the industry and are simple to follow. The trainee just needs to follow the book and download the relevant training material. All extra downloadable training materials/worksheets are available in printout format. There are 8 levels, which are spanned across 24 months. Each level is about 3 months and an online exam is conducted by the end of each level. Students are promoted to the next level after successful completion of online exams. We issue certificates to all successful candidates.

Franchise can also conduct sample exams using our training portal and the marks of these sample tests will not be recorded in the database. The complete curriculum is designed in such a way that the student starts visualizing bead movements faster. This method of learning Abacus is much faster than the traditional way of learning abacus. Along with the paper based practice worksheets, as a bonus, each student is provided with computer based practice software which will accelerate and strengthen the student’s capability to visualize.



Classes are conducted for 2 hour sessions once a week over a period of around three (3) calendar months. Assessments are conducted to test the competence and to assess the progress of each student at the end of each term. This training is carried out by a proactive method between the teacher and the student in order to create an environment that "taps" the interest of the student in learning arithmetic.

·      We understand the needs of the Abacus Teachers. Abacus Teachers require a one stop solution for all of their Abacus Study Material Supplies. Whether it is the Abacus, Abacus Books, Student Abacus Bags, Level Completion Certificates or Examination Papers. We serve them all.

We supply on a regular basis so that you run your business for long-term FREE from ROYALTIES and other restrictions.

We manufacture premium quality tools and publish books under excellent education standards.


Our Student Abacus Kit Range includes

Automatic Clearing Abacus
Abacus Books on all topics
Student Abacus Bag
Student Level Examination Paper
Student Level Completion Certificate

Handwriting Improvement with Memory, Concentration and Self-Confidence Improvement for Kids or Adults.

In addition to the above syllabus, they will also learn the Memory, Concentration and Self-Confidence Improvement through Handwriting Therapy.

·      1.  Scientific Techniques of Handwriting.
2.  Techniques to hold the pen or pencil correctly.
3.  Techniques to use proper fingers to hold the pen.
4.  Techniques to correct Hand movements while writing.
5.  Techniques to keep correct body postures while writing.
6.  Techniques to keep the Books or Pads while writing.
7.  Techniques to correct Shoulder positions while writing.
8.  Suggestions about Scientific Pens and Pencils.
9.  Suggestions about the correct Size of Writing to be maintained.

10. Techniques to Speed Writing / Fast Writing.
11. Techniques to join all the letters correctly and scientifically.
12. Techniques to join all the difficult word combinations and words.
13. Techniques about correct Slant of Writing to use.
14. Techniques about correct Shape of Letters and Words.
15. Techniques to write faster and neat in Tests and Exams.


Study Materials & Certificate:

We provide:
1) Books in the Class Room.
2) Books for the Home Work Assignments.
3) Kit Bag (School Students).
4) Certificate. (Students)
School students shall bring Pencil + Eraser + Sharpener. College Students and Adults shall bring their own Pen.  The Pen will be suggested by us. 

·      Assignments / Home Work:

The Handwriting Improvement Techniques require practice. Practice in our absence as to assess how best they are following the techniques on their own, at home.  Hence, the students will be given Assignments in every class to do at home.  They may have to spare at least half an hour daily.  The Secret to improve is Practice, Practice and Practice.


Course Results:

1) Improvement in your Handwriting. 
2) Improvement in your Speed of Writing. 
3) Fast and Legible Writing in Tests or Exams. 
4) Avoid embarrassment of writing in front of others. 
5) Get away with the feeling “My handwriting is bad or worse”. 
6) Impress others with Beautiful and Neat Handwriting.
7) Write confidently in Books, Cheques or Application Forms. 
8) Your writing shows your Personality. Improvement in your Personality. 
9) Score Good Marks because of Neat, Legible and Beautiful Handwriting.

This project requires an initial investment of Rs. 60,000/- approximately, which includes the cost of Initial 40 Student Kits and Training Charges of all four courses



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“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.”

― Aristotle

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