T.S.R Foundation.(CHARITABLE TRUST) is a new generation organization primarily aimed to offer solutions across multiple levels in EDUCATION. The TSR foundation is an excellent blend of a pool of talented professionals from the field of child education, educational research and experts with an infinite wealth of experience in corporate and strategic management.

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Help For Homework Hassles!

For some kids, academic competitiveness seems to begin in the womb, and tons of homework is just an extension of family expectations. Many kids respond to tremendous pressure to complete unprecedented loads of homework. For many other kids, extra-curricular activities, jobs, and TV all compete for after-school time. Some kids just don't do homework at all.

TV is a very powerful competitor for homework time. Four of five kids in Class 4 spent two or more hours a day watching TV, and one in five spent six or more hours a day in front of the tube!


Are students really overloaded with homework, or is "homework overload" more a case of low motivation? Today, teachers in most CBSE and ICSE schools have so much material to cover that most students can't complete all the work during school hours. Not every homework assignment is exciting; some homework is necessarily based on the old "drill and kill" model.

Although it would be nice if teachers could gear homework assignments to kids' abilities and interests, should students have the option to skip assignments they don't like? What are a family's priorities if kids who watch TV for two or more hours a day don't have time to finish their homework?

"First, young children who are struggling in school probably take longer to finish assignments," Mrs. Alka Gupta, a leading educationist says. "Second, young children have limited ability to keep their attention focused. The distractions at home entice them away from the books spread out on the kitchen table. Third, young children haven't yet learned good study skills. They don't know how to apportion their time between easy and hard tasks or how to engage in effective self-testing."

"Homework policies should give individual schools and teachers some flexibility to take into account the unique needs and circumstances of their students, [but] all students should do homework." Many parents, who may have limited time and energy, find helping their children with homework very stressful. Although many students complete their homework assignments, some do not.



Educators have tried many approaches to motivate students to complete homework. In some schools, teachers provide time and help for students to tackle homework assignments during class or study halls. Many students record homework assignments on check-off lists or in diaries (journals); teachers check the students' journals to be sure assignments are accurately recorded. Such journals let parents know what assignments children have.

Some schools  employ yet another approach to avoid homework hassles. Believing students should do most of their work in class, many schools there just don't assign homework! Some other schools provide students with the URLs of Web sites that can offer help.

In communities where many children belong to dual-income or single-parent families and public libraries have reduced their hours, kids can turn to the internet for the help they need.

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“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.”

― Aristotle

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